AGA Rangemaster

The market leader and one of the UK's best loved brands, the AGA Rangemaster Group (including Falcon and Mercury) is a name synonymous with range cooking. The collection covers every angle, from contemporary designs like the Professional Plus, Hi-Lite, Excel and Professional Deluxe through to the still highly popular traditional styles of Classic, Classic Deluxe and Elan - plus a good few others somewhere in between.

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Aga Rangemaster | McEvoy & Rowley
Aga Rangemaster | McEvoy & Rowley
Aga Rangemaster | McEvoy & Rowley
Aga Rangemaster | McEvoy & Rowley
Aga Rangemaster | McEvoy & Rowley

10 Simple Reasons

To choose a Rangemaster


Rangemaster is the world's oldest range cooker manufacturer.  The very first range cooker, the Kitchener, was invented and built on the same site as the current factory in 1830 and revolutionised how people cooked. 187 years later they still manufacture all of the 90, 100 and 110 range cookers in Royal Leamington Spa and are immensely proud of their long and rich heritage.


As well as inventing the world's first cooker, Rangemaster are part of AGA Rangemaster Group, a group which is home to the world's most aspirational range cooking brands including AGA, Rayburn, Falcon, Mercury and La Cornue.  Consequently their expertise in range cooking is second to none and that means they are always focused on ensuring every one of their cookers is manufactured to exacting standards.

Made in the UK

We are proud to say that all of Rangemaster's 90, 100 and 110 range cookers are manufactured at our British manufacturing plant, in Royal Leamington Spa, where the very first range cooker was built back in 1830. 

Award Winning

Over the years Rangemaster cookers have won many awards. The Kitchener won one of only 19 gold medals awarded at the Great Exhibition of 1851 where it was chosen out of over 30,000 exhibitors. More recently the Professional+ 90 was voted the best buy cooker by Which? magazine in their range cooker review. Rangemaster were also recently awarded Best Range Cooker of the Year 2015 in the prestigious
German Plus X Awards for the Most Innovative Brands.

Co-ordinating Appliances

Rangemaster are probably best known for their range cookers but they also specialise in a wide range of other kitchen appliances.


All range cookers come with a two year warranty, which you are able to extend if you wish to.  Behind that warranty sits a host of internationally recognised standards and strict quality controls that are in place at every stage during design,
development and manufacture.


Rangemaster products are built to stand the test of time, with everyday use in mind, Rangemaster range cookers are made from the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and durability.

No.1 Choice

While Rangemaster are proud of their history they would not be Britain's No.1 range cooker brand today if they did not continue to offer the right mix of quality, performance, choice, features and design that make Rangemaster cookers such great value. That's why you will find them in more homes than any other range cooker brand.

Style & Choice

As you would expect from the UK's No.1 Range cooker brand, Rangemaster offers more choice than any other manufacturer. In fact there are over 700 product variations to choose from offering you the chance to match your cooker to your exact requirements in terms of style, size, fuel type and colour.

Comprehensive Testing

Alexandra Dibble, Rangemaster's Home Economist, plays a vital role at Rangemaster. She ensures that their products are designed to deliver on the cooking expectations of Rangemaster customers. So whether you cook daily for a large family, are a keen home baker, have a passion for Asian cooking or are simply a food fanatic you will not be disappointed with your Rangemaster cooker.